I specialize in creating Fine Art Prints of Jesus, Angels and Sunsets for your Home & Business Interior Design. These unique and striking pictures of Jesus Christ will add an extreme WOW! Factor and a powerful focal point to any interior wall space. Unlike other pictures of Jesus you may have seen on the internet created by other artists, my depictions of Christ are The Best and Closest to what Jesus Really Looks Like. You may wonder how I can say this with so much confidence; the truth is that my inspiration and passion for creating pictures of Jesus and Angels comes from having several supernatural experiences. After being visited by Angels and then seeing the face of Jesus in a near death experience, it has radically changed the very center and citadel of my life from serving self to Christ. When I died and saw the face of Jesus, to my surprise; He looks like me but a more perfect version of me. This near death experience has transformed my life to focus on Him in everything I do. You can read the partial story of my near death experience here; partial because I cant reveal everything He told me. My story is entitled, I Died and Saw Jesus and He Looks like Me. 

I also create Jesus & Angel Wall Calendars, Jesus iphone/samsung galaxy cases/skins and Jesus ipad cases. My images are printed on many other products such as canvas, framed canvas, standard prints, framed prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, wood prints, greeting cards, stationary, beach supply, lifestyle gear, home decor, apparel, coffee mugs and more. My work sells around the world!

Enter My Gallery and experience the Best Depictions of Jesus Christ created by artist Alex Acropolis Calderon.